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Jan 2000 - Present
Strix Wildlife Consultancy

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Subaraj Rajathurai


- Founder and Director of Strix Wildlife Consultancy since 2000. - Successfully campaigned to preserve Singapore's Sungei Boleh mangrove forest. - Over 35 years actively involved in wildlife conservation and study in Southeast Asia. Subaraj Rajathurai is a self-taught naturalist and veteran wildlife consultant. He has dedicated his entire career to Singapore's parks and preserving the natural environment. He shares his passion daily through talks and advisory work. Over the last 35 years, Subaraj has lead and participated in numerous field studies in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Subaraj has been a stalwart member of local natural history circles in Singapore and Malaysia for the past three decades. He campaigned to preserve some of Singapore's most well loved ecosystems. In 1987, he and three others drafted a proposal to save Sungei Buloh, a mangrove forest in northwest Singapore which was slated for redevelopment by the government. Thanks to their perseverance, the wetland was declared a natural park six years later. In 1992, Subaraj was also part of the research team responsible for saving the 124 hectare of forest in Lower Peirce Reservoir. He has mounted or been part of numerous field studies & EIAs in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, both professionally and as a volunteer; provided training on wildlife observation and study; and has acted as a wildlife consultant for various local and overseas film crews.

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